About the BNA

What is the BNA?
In today's competitive marketplace that gives advantages to large, well-known companies, small businesses need a superior product or services and good referrals in order to thrive. To be successful, entrepreneurs must have a support network that incorporates advice from peers, experienced mentors and access to valuable contacts and resources. The Business Network at Anthem is a group that brings all these important ingredients together. The time BNA members spend together allows members to confidently recommend each other to their Anthem neighbors.

Selection Process
The requirements for membership in the BNA are few, but important. Potential members must be well-qualified in their field, provide referrals for their products and services, stand by their work, and commit to promote each other's business.


  • President – Michael Snow
  • Vice President – Ty Harper
  • Secretary – Sean Preston
  • Treasurer – Lisa Jackson
  • Membership – Gerry Curtis
  • Leads Tracker – Tim Maki

Would you like to attend a BNA meeting?
The BNA meets every Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. at the Hampton Inn in Anthem and each week a valuable member of our group provides a presentation. Please view our speaker schedule for additional details.